The State of Music gets a little hazy on FMF2017 Opening Night featuring Otown’s finest the beachiest chill vibes of Beebs (Michelle of Beebs and Her Moneymakers newly touring side project), along with special guest, the tropicoolest dude in Central Flowrida Niko Is, fresh off the release of the “Good Air” mixtape.

the scene:
who: Beebs jam featuring Niko Is
when: Thur, Apr 20th • 10pm
where: Wall Street Plaza
how: Free Admission • 21andUp only

Beebs • “Sometimes”


FMF2017:  Beebs without her Moneymakers… please explain in musical terms for the newbie?
Beebs:  My solo project is a compilation of songs and styled I have written that I just didn’t feel would fit the vibe Beebs and Her Money Makers at the time. Although BaHMM is my favorite project to play with- sometimes it’s nice to not think about a costume and just grab my guitar with a few friends and sing barefoot. Plus I discovered a whole new set of notes for myself that I can hit while I’m not dancing around like a crazy person. I guess all in all the Beebs solo project is a more intimate perspective of my life and self with all the feel good vibes.

FMF2017:  You started by writing with and for others, and it became it’s own entity, how was the evolution?
Beebs:  It was a natural progression. Beebs and Her Money Makers were forced to take some time off of the road due to our bus breaking down on tour. While it say for repair I decided it was the perfect time to focus on this album I had been wanting to do.

FMF2017: A little more chill vibe than the BaHHM world’s used to, you’ve been on a slightly ‘hippie’ circuit as of late, how has those Fests and shows been?
Beebs:  Honestly BaHMM came from the “hippie” circuit. Before warped tour Beebs and Her Money Makers was pretty heavily in the jam/hippie scene. It’s been awesome though. Looking forward to California Roots and all of the Wanderlust festivals this year. Excited to discover more about myself musically and on a personal level.

FMF2017:  BaHMM is still very much a rocking machine, what’s been up lately for the band, and coming up?
Beebs:  BaHMM is in the middle of working on a new album and taking this in a new direction as well. Or I guess you could say more back to our funk/jam roots with some new elements mixed in. BaHMM will be back out on the road in the fall/winter 2017 in preparation for the release in 2018.

FMF2017:  Kevin Lyman, who fell in love with the band at Wall St back in 2012, is back in town, what type of show do you do as a reunion of sorts?
Beebs:  One that he has never seen before considering he’s experienced 90+ shows of Beebs and her money makers and 3 weeks of the solo project already lol.

FMF2017:  Niko Is is jumping up with you guys on 4/20, perfect fit! How did you two start jamming together?
Beebs:  I’m not really sure how it all started. Niko and I have been friends for a few years now. I think it’s just fun to keep each other on our toes. Niko is an amazingly talented artists and I’m looking forward to creating some magic with him for this 4/20 showcase. Also shout out to ThanksJoey for being a badass producer.


Niko Is • “Mos Def Rap”

FMF2017:  First of all, it’s only fitting that Niko Is makes his FMF debut on 4/20. So what does 4/20 really mean to you, as a prolific connoisseur?
Niko Is:  
The hunger for more. Freedom is everybody’s job. Another day to make history on cloud 9.

FMF2017:  On that note, what does the local scene mean to you, as a prolific connoisseur of studio and live music in Central Florida?
Niko Is:
 You must support local to go global. Invest in art. Community rhymes with unity. WE Have a responsibility to create.

FMF2017:  Dropping the Good Air sessions, from Chill Cosby to now, how would you describe your lyrical and musical journey to the unfamiliar?
Niko Is:  
Good Air is not released yet. It will be available on Cassette tape soon. I describe it as tropicool. Vibes don’t lie.

FMF2017:  Evolving as an artist, how much can you do on your own in the studio, and how much needs to happen for you in front of an audience?
Shout out to THANKS JOEY my producer and partner in this Colours Of The Culture. I think it has to be organic. Trust the universe.

FMF2017:  Beebs and you are pulling off a last minute jam on the FMF MainStage, to usher in the 17th Annual… how did your relationship with Beebs come about, and what can we expect from the collaboration?
Niko Is:  
Beebs has been a staple in the community for while as well as a great friend and we have collaborated on stage and studio many times. Don’t expect anything just enjoy the magic. Cheers

FMF2017:  What’s the summer season plans for Niko Is and the Colours of Culture family?
Niko Is:  
will be released soon and it’s in collaboration with Michael Winslow (police academy) and is the follow up to my album GOOD BLOOD. More traveling the world and baking rappetizers.