The 16th Annual Florida Music Festival welcomes Chris Martignago of Atlantic Records Nashville for ‘The Demo Sessions’ Panel

Saturday, April 23rd
Cheyenne Saloon (126 W Church St)

• Chris Martignago (Atlantic Records)
• Gregg Steele (XM/Sirius)
• Brad Wood (Seagrass Studios)
• Ethan Curtis (Plush Studios)
• Mark Abramowitz (Sony/ATV Publishing)
• Jamal Samuel (Rock City Management)
Moderated by Tom Player (Player Law)

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 8.23.25 PM

Chris Martignago is a Director of A&R Research at Atlantic Records based in Nashville, TN. Chris started out as a musician/songwriter, touring in bands for several years before attending Full Sail University for a Bachelor’s in Music Business. While in school, Chris had worked for companies including: Florida Music Festival, SXSW, NBC, Cirque Du Soleil and more all between managing/developing talent with homework due at midnight.

Full Sail is also where he met Senior VP of A&R at Atlantic Records, Steve Robertson (Paramore, Shinedown, Meg Myers). This meeting turned his sights on the world of A&R where Steve and Chris still work closely on projects that include Paramore’s Self-Titled album featuring the Top 40 hit and Grammy award winning song, “Ain’t It Fun” and the highly anticipated 5th album from Shinedown, Threat To Survival’.

Chris now heads A&R Research for Atlantic Records out of Nashville discovering new acts through data to then sign, manage, & develop long careers for the legendary major label.


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